One-stop catering for all your information-related needs
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One-stop catering for all your information-related needs

Info Catering Services

Why “catering”?

The everyday use of the word “catering” implies “supply food ready to eat; for parties and banquets”, but also “providing food and services” and “give what is desired or needed”. The latter is the meaning of the word we use here.

Why “info”?

Often information has to be served in an appropriate “ready to eat” (i.e., visually, graphically, and above all clearly) way at professional meetings, seminars, symposia, mailings, etc.

We give you Info Catering!

  1. By info catering we mean presenting the information in a clear, visual, graphical, and, of course, professional way, be it by way of catchy handouts, multimedia presentations, brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, folders, badges, posters, labels, promotional materials, stickers, bookmarks, diplomas, certificates, banners, lists, full fledged proceedings, papers, coupons, postcards, communications, CDs, (daily) bulletins, fact sheets, guides, circulars, personalised info packages, visiting cards, etc.
  2. By info catering we also mean producing these digestible info packages into as many copies, as needed to serve to your audience, be it tens (like the meeting of a board), hundreds (like a symposium or a conference), or even thousands (materials for trade shows, fairs, professional congresses, etc.), personalised as well.

On the fly!

The typical event organiser is pressed for time, especially, if he or she has to compile a handout package with numerous local and international authors, some of which are invariably late.

In such desperate situations we come to the rescue, possessing the know-how, experience and capacity to produce your packages to professional quality, to budget, and on time.