One-stop catering for all your information-related needs
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One-stop catering for all your information-related needs

About Ad Hoc Info Catering

Ad Hoc Info Catering was established in 1992 г. and deals with information – the presenting of information in various ways and forms – printed, electronic, with text and graphics, on paper, removable computer media and on the Internet. Books and magazines, printed materials and multimedia presentations, posters and flyers, brochures and Internet sites. According to your requirements.

In Latin “ad hoc” means “to the occasion”, “for the particular case”, “case by case”, and similar. The expression takes part in today's professional language in medicine, law, and science in general. The main connotation it carries is in the confrontation of an ad hoc solution to a given problem (which sometimes could just circumvent or shortcut the problem entirely) to the systematic solution, which takes into account an entire class of similar problems and provides a general solution to this class.
Our expertise covers a wide range of subjects including but not limited to art and languages, science, computer and information technology and the Internet.

We possess experience in design, multi-language projects, communication of science, state-of-the-art computer and information technology, Internet projects.

You have an information related problem – Ad Hoc Info Catering will suggest a solution – addressing your exact problem at the point you need it, moreover a state-of-the-art one, relying on contemporary means and computer technology. You have an information related project – we will offer the sequence of stages that will bring it to a successful completion, along with the help you need to execute those.