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One-stop catering for all your information-related needs

Project and corporate documentation

There are two types of printed and/or e-materials, related to projects and companies, which may be directed to a large group of readers or even to the public in general. These are, on one hand, the materials, used to promote or popularisation of the project or comapny, and, on the other, the annual reports, intended for the shareholders (with the companies) and the sponsoring organisations (with the projects). Often there are legal requirements, which the public companies and projects need to comply with.

Below are examples of corporate or project documents, which are intended for a wider audience of persons, making life or death decisions about a project or a company.

  • project proposals
  • company/project presentation and promotion materials
  • project progress reports
  • final project reports
  • annual reports

The common denominator of these cases is, that the documents need to be eye-catching and representing the data available on the project or company in the best possible way. The intention is to convince the shareholders (sponsoring organisations) to approve the progress so far and shine a green light for its continuation.

The materials discussed may include video clips, presentations, promotional materials – mostly hard copy, but also on recordable media like CDs, DVDs, and/or flash memories. The Internet sites are a popular option for presenting hte company/project in detail.

Corporate and project materials by media and distribution strategy

Depending on the media, the materials for presenting the company and project, can be:

Type of material Examples Distribution
Printouts Posters, flyers, brochures, catalogues, business cards by mail, by hand, by e-mail
е-materials pdf-/text file e-mail, uploading to a web page/site
Multimedia executable file(s) e-mail, handing out of CDs/DVDs, uploading to a web page/site
Web pages (site) html files at a web address (URL) uploading a web site and referring tohanding out the link for downloading or on-line viewing

Promotional corporate and project materials

These materials can be conceived and produced without reference to a deadline, like e.g. a shareholders’ meeting, or a report deadline.

Examples of general promotional materials include, e.g.:

  • Promotional posters on the company/project. These contain a description of the company/project, contact info, an Internet address. Electronic versions can be produced and distributed as well.
  • Flyers, popularising the company/project. A printed or e-version.
  • Promotional objects, like folders, calendars, notebooks, pens, pencils, gadgets.
  • Publications in traditional and electronic periodicals.
  • Catalogues of products/services. Presents the comany or project by their results.

E-materials, multimedia, and Internet

All printed materials referenced above can be duplicated as e-materials (e.g., PDF- or text files) to be distributed by e-mail or uploaded to the site of the company/project.

Increasingly more often we see a dedicated company/project site which claims the territory of the company/project on the World wide web.

Anticipated distribution (print runs)

With the companies and projects the anticipated distribution of the materials (respectively, the anticipated number of visits of the specialised site or the number of downloads of e-materials; print-runs of printed materials) depends on the scale of the company/project and the expected visiting rate. It can range from a few dozens or a few hundred to a few thousand.