One-stop catering for all your information-related needs
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One-stop catering for all your information-related needs

Welcome to Ad Hoc Info Catering

Ad Hoc Info Catering is a company, providing consultations and execution of info-catering projects for European companies and persons. The three major activities of the company are: development and production of printed presentation materials, multimedia presentationsm and Internet presentations.

With its info-catering projects the company provides to its customers the opportunity to respond in the most flexible way to rapidly changing requirements, conditions, and technology, enabling them to enlarge the volume and range of their presentations on the fly, as well as to optimise their costs and expenses.

Ad Hoc Info Catering provides consulting services and opportunities for full info servicing, as well as for partial info servicing, where the customer executes some of the processes of the workflow in-house or by himself.