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Presentation is the practice of showing and explaining the content of a topic to an audience. Any time you explain to someone your work it is in fact a presentation.

Typical presentation situations

The basic situation is the following: you have to tell someone about your work.

You have a report to make, either in front of an audience, or even to one person only – your boss, or sponsor. You want your presentation to make an impact, you want it to be convincing, attention catching and memorable.

Here is a non-exaustive list of similar situations: conferences, workshops, work meetings, seminars, professional congresses, project progress reports, project proposals, annual reports, exhibitions, contests, competitions, tournaments, campaigns.

Presentation forms

A presentation can take the form of a paper, a sequence of slides (written ot printed on film for old time slide-projectors), a printed handout, a leaflet, presenting your company or project, an Internet site, presenting your department/company/project, a computer file, prepared with a specialised program (like Microsoft PowerPoint), to be projected onto a computer screen or wall, or to be handed out on a CD, DVD, or an USB memory stick.

The individual presentation

The mass events discussed in this site almost always consist of the presentations of the individual partcipants. Usually the organisers of the mass events take care of the general printed, electronic, etc. materials for the event, and the individual participant has to prepare her/his own presentation, at least for the electronic version. Naturally, the participant who wishes to make an impressive presentation and prepare the accompanying handouts, will need to revert to professional help (unless she or he possesses the knowledge, experience and skills to produce it herself/himself).

Recommendations for a good presentation

Apart form the professional production of the presentation, the participants will need to take care of the content of his performance. While preparing your materials take into account the following general recommendations for the good and bad in a presentation.