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A campaign is an operation or series of operations energetically pursued to accomplish a specific purpose.

Examples are:

  • advertising campaigns
  • awareness campaigns
  • election campaigns
  • political campaigns
  • branding/promotional campaigns

The common denominator ot these events is that they are directed at large groups of people. A political campaign can operate on an entire country – e.g., a campaign for nature preservation. A campaign for mayor, on the other hand, is directed at the respective community only. A campaign for the president of a student organisation is directed at his/her schoolmates only.

With the exhibitions the particpants usually pay for a booth or exhibition floor, as well as for the additional services, provided at the venue of the event.

The purpose of a campaign to attract the attention of the public and to be remembered. To that end depending on the level of the campaign a wide range of media can be used, like TV, radio, press, video, “live” presentations, printed handouts, Internet sites.

Campaign materials by media and distribution strategy

The audio-visual methods employed to influence the public are determined by the level (and budget, respectively) of the campaign – national, regional, local.

Depending on the media the materials, prepared for a campaign, can be:

Type of material Examples Distribution
Video Clips, participation in TV shows TV broadcasts
Audio Clips, participation in radio shows radio broadcasts
Printed Posters, flyers by post, by hand, by e-mail
E-materials pdf-/text file e-mail, uploading to a web page/site
Multimedia executable file(s) e-mail, handing out of CDs/DVDs, uploading to a web page/site
Web sites html files at a web address (URL) uploading a web site and referring to the link for downloading or on-line viewing

General campaign materials

The general promotional meterials of the campaign are not directed at a specific event, product or service, which makes them up-to-date for the entire period and territory of the campaign.

Examples of general promotional materials include, e.g.:

  • Promotional posters. These formulate the purpose and motto of the campaign. Electronic versions can be produced if the distribution strategy commands it.
  • Flyers, containing the purpose and motto of the campaign.
  • TV and radio broadcasts.
  • Publications in traditional and electronic periodicals.

Materials focusing on specific events, products, services

Within the entire campaign there might be fleeting focus on specific events, products and services. Here are a few examples:

  • Promotional posters for a specific event, product, service.
  • Flyers, dedicated to a specific event, product, service.
  • TV and radio broadcasts, dedicated to a specific event, product, service.
  • Publications in traditional and electronic periodicals, dedicated to a specific event, product, service.

E-materials, multimedia, and Internet

All printed materials referenced above can be duplicated as e-materials (e.g., PDF- or text files) to be distributed by e-mail or uploaded to the site of the campaign.

Increasingly more often we see a web site, dedicated to the campaign.

Anticipated distribution (print runs)

With the local campaigns the anticipated distribution of the materials (respectively, the anticipated number of visits of the specialised web page/site or the number of downloads of e-materials; print-runs of printed materials) can be on the order of a few hundred, while for a campaign at the national level these are thousands and tens of thousands.