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Multimedia presentations

Multimedia presentations combine text, visual graphics, pictures, images, video and audio.

Typically such multimedia presentations are produced by the help of a specialised software program, like Microsoft Powerpoint.

Alternatively, a multimedia presentation can be produced using web-development techniques, more commonly used for the development of Internet sites.

A multimedia presentation can be delivered in a few ways:

Live multimedia presentations

It can be shown live in front of an audience using a personal computer or laptop and a specialised projector. The projector needs a special screen or sometimes just a lightly coloured wall onto which the computer screen is projected.

Quite a few large organisations have such projectors of their own. In the larger cities it should not be a problem to hire a similar device for the duration od the event.

Distribution on CDs/DVDs, USB sticks, etc.

Multimedia presentations can be distributed or handed out in the form of removable discs, like CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, etc.

The presentation can be written (burned) onto a removable disk (like a CD, a DVD, an USB stick) and distributed among the audience to be browsed off-line on a stand-alone computer.

CDs and DVDs can be burned in mass and produced with printed images on the disc itself, printed booklets and CD/DVD jewel cases (jewel boxes).

Distribution by e-mail

Size permitting multimedia presentations can be distributed by e-mail. Note, however, that often e-mails, which are larger than 5 MB (with their attachments) might not reach their intended destinations, since the respective mail systems may employ mail-filtering systems, which disallow certain content based on sheer voulme or file type.

Distribution by download

Regardless of their size, multimedia presentations can be uploaded to an Internet server, to be downloaded by your audience.

Direct Internet use

Finally, multimedia presentations can be uploaded to an Internet server, to be browsed by your audience via an Internet browser program (e.g., Micrоsоft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome). Of course, in this case you might need to employ web-development techniques to build the presentation as an Internet site.